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A complete business phone system
in your browser with nothing to buy

  • Design the phone system that's perfect for your business
  • Make and receive calls, transfer, hold, mute, conference and voicemail with just your computer
  • Forward your business calls to your mobile phone
  • Yes! You can use phones you already have, too, or get new ones
  • Yes! You can bring your existing local and toll-free phone numbers

How it works

Centrix Networks makes it easy to use VoIP by taking its powerful functionality and making it robust and simple to use. Our advanced cloud network allows you to work from anywhere. Whether in your living room or across the country, we will keep you connected.

All the right phones at the right price

  • From receptionists and executives to remote users we have phones to fit every need
  • Hold, transfer, 3 way calling, and caller ID all come standard
  • Speakerphones and headsets are available
  • Conference phones for crystal clear audio in any size room
  • Budget friendly models that don't sacrifice features for price

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Already have phones? We support Polycom, Cisco, and many other manufacturers. Click here to see if we support your phone.

All the features you need, want and more

  • Design the perfect phone system

    Centrix Networks's flexible tools allow you to build a system made just for you

    • Groups

      Ring multiple users at the same time and the first person to answer takes the call

    • Automated Attendants

      Let callers decide where they want to be transfered by listening to your greeting and selecting an option

    • Timed Routes

      Automatically route calls based on the time of day

    • Call Parking

      Put callers on hold and let any user pick the call back up from any phone

    • Custom Hold Music

      Upload your own hold music or marketing message

    • User Directory

      Let callers search a directory of users by first or last name

  • The information you need, when you need it

    With instant access to your system, you'll never be in the dark

    • Voicemail to Email

      Have your voicemails sent to your email as MP3 files

    • Call Tagging

      Tag the caller ID of incoming calls so you know why they're calling before you answer

    • Call Recording

      Record your calls and play them back any time

    • Email Notifications

      Get an email when you miss a call

    • Call Logs

      Search and review all calls your team makes and receives

    • Presence

      See who is on the phone

  • Never miss a thing

    Business happens everywhere, Centrix Networks has you covered no matter where you are

    • Call Forwarding

      Forward your calls to another user, another phone number or your mobile phone

    • Voicemail

      On your phone, in your email or from your web browser

    • Mobile Phone Integration

      Answer your business calls on your mobile phone wherever you are

    • Muliple Call Handling

      Make and receive multiple simultaneous calls

    • Emergency Forwarding

      Forward calls to your mobile phones the moment your office loses power or internet

    • Caller ID Switching

      Pick the caller ID that shows up when you call someone

  • Your team's phone system

    Centrix Networks makes working with each other painless and easy

    • Conference Rooms

      Get multiple parties on the line instantly, no setup needed

    • Distinctive Ring

      Know just from the ringtone if a call is from a coworker or a customer

    • Intercom

      Instantly enable a user's speakerphone for instant communication

    • Remote Call Pickup

      Answer any ringing phone in the office from your own

    • Transfer

      Transfer calls to other users or other phone numbers

    • Chat

      Stay in touch with a group chat room right on your dashboard